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Welcome to the application website for professor-researcher and professor positions at École Polytechnique.

Recruitment procedure: Positions are open to all ages and nationalities. École Polytechnique is committed to increasing the diversity of its personnel and strongly encourages applications from female candidates.

The department related to the position in question analyzes all received applications, conducts interviews and creates a list of desired candidates. This list is sent along with all the necessary documents to the Provost, who is in charge of education and research, and who then convenes the Recruitment Committee of the relevant department. This Committee draws up a balanced recruitment proposal, which either ranks the potential candidates or states that there is no satisfactory candidate. This proposal is submitted to the academic council, which issues an opinion, which is then sent to the President of the Board of Directors, who makes the final decision.

Candidates for full-time research professor and professor positions are encouraged to include a medium and long-term career or research plan, as well as the names of several academics whom the School may contact for letters of recommendation (at least five for professor positions, three for other positions). Candidates are strongly encouraged to contact the Head of the relevant department for more details on vacant positions.

Nature of the engagement: Professors-researchers and professors are mainly recruited on a permanent basis, with a trial period of one year. Professors-researchers or professors, as civil servants attached to the School, are recruited through renewable periods that may not exceed five years. The length of the contract may not exceed the assigned length of provisional secondment.

Full-time jobs: Full-time professors-researchers and professors occupy one of the following job categories:

  • Assistant professor
  • Professor.
  • Distinguished professor.

In terms of responsibilities, service and salary scale, professor positions are akin to university professor positions, while "associate professor" positions are akin to university lecturer positions. Full-time "research professors" may also benefit from the "Monge special hosting program". Full-time professors-researchers are obliged to carry out their research activity at one of the laboratories of École Polytechnique.

Monge special hosting program: Through the unique strategy of the "Monge special hosting program", the School aims to recruit junior professors-researchers with high potential, who hold PhDs, to help them start an individually directed career as a professor-researcher.

The scheme involves a fixed-term contract of a maximum of six years in length (two three-year contracts). Before the end of the fifth year of service, the person recruited through the « Monge special hosting program » may be verified in their role by way of a permanent contract.

Part-time jobs: Part-time professors-researchers occupy one of the following job categories :
  • Senior lecturer
  • University lecturer
  • Professor

Those who hold a part-time position combine their teaching activity at École Polytechnique with a main job carried out in the academic or professional sector. Teaching assistant jobs entail long-term involvement in teaching projects at École Polytechnique. The maximum period of work for a part-time position is limited to 12 years. "Resident" part-time positions are reserved for those working on or wishing to work on research development at one of the laboratories of École Polytechnique.

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